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The Impact of Sports Tourism – Digital Marketing News

This week’s top story is about sports tourism.

Even as the Rio de Janeiro Olympics faces a variety of potential headaches, spending on sports tourism continues to grow. The World Travel Market estimated more than $600 billion is spent globally on sports tourism, and big name tournaments and championships attract millions of international fans, along with plenty of anger when things don’t go as planned (take this summer’s Euro 2016 soccer tournament as one such example).

As more tourism boards and travel agencies realize the power of marketing sports packages to these enthusiastic fan groups, what strategies will they need to target sports lovers? Read on for more thoughts, plus all of this week’s top stories.

Are Sports Fans the Travel Industry’s Next Great Opportunity?
With interest and attention for the 2016 Summer Olympics kicking into a high gear, it’s the perfect moment to talk about the impact of sporting events on travel spending. With the World Travel Market estimating that sports travel and tourism is worth upwards of $600 billion globally, more travel companies are realizing the potential of crafting custom travel packages for fans heading to big name events like the Super Bowl, Euro 2016 and Copa America. Read more

Travel Marketers Rethink Their Focus on Millennial Travelers
As Skift emphasized in a recent trend report on the age group, millennial travelers are the focus of an outsize amount of marketing spending and attention in the travel industry. Yet not all travel marketers are convinced this is the right approach. “We’re heading away from the age thing; those traditional demographics just don’t work any longer,” said Fergus Boyd, digital and IT director for hospitality brand Yotel in an interview last week. Instead, the savviest travel brands are retooling their marketing efforts to focus on travelers within a specific “psychographic” mindset. Read more