Dashboard Module

The nerve centre of the platform provides immediate snapshots of the platform in a graphically enticing,
modern and user intuitive view. Widgets provide immediate access to the information that matters the most instantly.


Loyalty Module

Loyalty is becoming very important in today’s consumer age. Driving brand loyalty is one of the key aspects on any large consumer based businesses agenda. Therefore, as a pivotal part of the platform the Gad loyalty engines comes with a comprehensive module to deliver a turnkey solution.

With a simple and user friendly admin panel functionality you can:

Set tiers

Our flexible system allows you to set multiple tiers, linked to tier based earn, burn and expiry rules at a click.

Define Earn and Burn rates

For generic programs with single tiers you can simply define global earn and burn rates for all customers using the portal.

Run tactical acceleration campaigns

Further enhance your customer value proposition by offering tactical and activation accelerator campaigns. A simple admin tool allows you to define rules and to configure tactical accelerators for users.

Administer and view points balances at a click

Administrators have a dedicated loyalty dashboard to view all point balances, expiries and redemption data with a clean and simple widget based view. You may also look at individual activity of users in order to evaluate stickiness and strategic planning for your loyalty program.

CRM/Campaign Management

A complete CRM system with in-mail and customer interactions logs is built into the system allowing a 360 view of the customers transactions and complete Intelligence. Our CRM system is powerful and easy to use, delivering immediate information that is critical to a customer’s relationship with your program.

Campaign management allows you to use Business Intelligence data to run campaigns to users. Our built in campaign template builder allows you to conduct an end to end campaign and track success in one single place.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Discover new insights. Foster a data-driven culture with powerful, visually stunning analytics. Explore new insights and empower people across the organization to make faster, more informed business decisions. Our custom built native business intelligence module allows you to craft a story around your business with visually stunning analytics. Choose from a range of reports that deliver instant data to uncover hidden data patterns. Unique insights allow you to be on top of your game.


Call Centre Module

With our call centre module, empower your attendants to deliver exceptional customer service without complex processes. Our user intuitive call centre modules has been designed to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) data at your attendant’s fingertips. Seamlessly allowing customer support to deliver on time and to service.


Content & Theme

Complete dynamic and instant content management allows you to control all aspects of the platform’s content at a few clicks.
Simple to use and instant, updating content is extremely simple. With our highly powerful theme management tool change all aspects of the theme easily and quickly. The Gad platform template is completely manageable using an easy to use admin panel theme management functionality. From basic colours, to fonts, from logos to menu’s, all are managed simply and instantly. Every element of the design output has been carefully considered and made dynamic for self-management


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a critical aspect of ensuring visibility of your portal on search engines. We have built a powerful tool that will allow you to ensure all Meta tags, descriptions and general search engine content is managed and effective. Furthermore, a built in Site Map generator allows directory listings to find your content more easily. With deep integration into Google Analytics, the Gad Platform also allows management of your UA code directly from the admin panel.


Language/Currency Management

We speak your language. With the Gad Platform you can manage multiple languages, multiple currencies and both LTR and RTL template design compliance. Providing you with a platform that can be used globally cross countries. Moreover, the language module uses native side by side translation to make your copy more relevant than simply depending on an auto translation tool.

User Access Control (UAC)

A fully customizable user access control functionality provides you the strength to control access to the sensitive areas of your platform. With Write, View, Delete settings as well as group privileges we make it simpler for you to manage the access to your platform’s admin panel.


Profiles/Booking History

With a complete User Intelligence view, administrators can see comprehensive details on a user’s activities and transactions in a simple, modern user friendly view. We went to great lengths to ensure all that you would need in present in a single view. The result is an amazingly powerful and modern design view.

Administrators may also view customer profiles and make simple edits if required.

System Settings / Profiler Module

We have built this platform so you will never need to touch the code ever. With our system settings functionality, you can manage all aspects of the platform from date and time to API keys, all can now be managed seamlessly using our Systems settings functionality.

For the techies we built a profiler that tracks all API requests and responses for troubleshooting. No need to do any DB searches or any deep evaluation, now with the profiler we simplify this with an amazing beautified user interface.



Deep dive into the jugulars of the platform. If there is a log you will ever need we have it. With over 20 logs there is sufficient data for any purposes.

BIN/Card Management

For Banks and Financial Institutions, we have built a custom card and BIN management tool. Simply add a BIN and add a card image which would be reflected in the front end and any system rules based on BIN would be applied automatically.


Scheduled Airlines


Low Cost Carriers




Car Rental Locations

Seamless built-in

The Gad platform comes with built in integrations with a range of content suppliers and payment gateways. Our techies are at hand to custom integrate any third-party suppliers that you may require simply and efficiently.



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