Additional Services

It’s not just all about Tech. With TCIG we bring you a range of ancillary services to ensure the success of your travel platform.


Complete Hands off Program Management & Fulfilment Services

With our completely outsourced service, we take the hassle out of management of your program. From fulfilment to program management we take care of it all. With our 24 hour call centre functionality with English, French and Arabic support we provide exceptional customer support. Our manned live help channels are also manned by a multi lingual team around the clock. So worry no more in contracting individual suppliers or the thought of the cost of managing the whole solution is taken away. Let us take care of all this for you at a fractional cost of a dedicated setup.


Creative Marketing & Digital Marketing Services

Every organisation will be interested in increasing their impact on every consumer. The concept of having an integrated branding and marketing strategy is all about setting a consistent tone/image at all touch points – customers, media and other stakeholders. Implementing a consolidated plan and putting it into action to increase brand awareness and brand visibility across the business region.

TCIG’s Marcomms team, Gad’s parent company, can help you achieve your business goals. Whether to develop your brands’ strong presence awareness in the territory, create brand awareness or be it to develop and execute an effective and innovative Marketing Strategy, our highly skilled and motivated team will help you with successful marketing communication solutions. From brand identity, concept and design development, or in end to end project management, we will work with you on every creative challenge to bring in new ideas in a 360 degree turnkey approach or evolve ideas from concepts to finished projects.


Loyalty Program Development and Brand Conceptualisation Services

TCIG, Gad’s parent company, specialize in what they do best namely building marketing campaigns and promotions that entice, grab, promote, induce and encourage. Knowing what it takes with our unique approach, TCIG can give your program the approach it needs to be successful by providing a Turnkey Solution.

Our process to ensure comprehensive development of your loyalty program include:

  • Identify type of benefits
  • Design programs based on customer needs and aspirations
  • Keep programs fresh and updated
  • Use technology to personalize benefits
  • Brand the program to be user intuitive
  • Complete end to end branding and concept development of your program
  • Deep dive into consumer trends and propose earn and burn rates for your program
  • Seek constant feedback and ongoing program enhancement
  • Fully manage your program as an untouched solution

TCIG provides a client with a fixed retainer for all their loyalty needs. It does not matter if it is an offline or online approach, we do it all. TCIG keeps the client in the loop all times using state of the art management software for the client to track and follow each process related to the program. No hidden agendas, no hidden extras. One Price – For ALL your loyalty needs!


Social Media Management Services

TCIG, Gad’s parent company specializes in driving Social Media engagement, growing communities and provides solutions that will improve your brand’s presence; market your products/services differently and communicate with customers in new ways.

Our social team focuses on a brand’s business objectives and its target audience to generate buzz, create conversations and build engagement. We craft and launch timely campaigns that can influence your consumer’s habits through engagement and relevant digital/social promotional activities.


  • Content Strategy Creation/ Development
  • Customized and Branded Social
  • Media Pages
  • Creative Development
  • Customized iTab Frames
  • Engagement Campaign
  • Development and Implementation
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting
  • Daily Management and Monitoring
  • Web Banner/Google Display Ads
  • Social Media Campaigns/
  • Competitions
  • Digital/Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Channel Strategy

Multi-media Management Services

Bringing the digital experience into the physical environments is not only engaging but also extends and reinforces the brand’s value, over all communication, and appeal.

TCIG’s Multimedia Production team, Gad’s parent company, delivers quality video production, professional photography and audio production services from a digital and marketing perspective. We combine our creativity and technical expertise to produce exceptional and engaging videos, photos or audio. Whether you need to develop the concept, produce a photo or video shoot or take care of the post-production, our multifaceted team will help you achieve high-end productions – visually appealing and has that wow factor that will bring in more customers that will relate to their lifestyle and the brand ositioning.

go around from one place
to another, in the pursuit
of pleasure or entertainment

With a team of travel veterans, industry experts and marketing Guru’s, the TCIG team have developed a comprehensive Platform with travellers and travel related businesses in mind. With over 150 years of combined travel industry knowledge, our team are at the heart of our Platform. Our Platform provides a user intuitive, powerful and fully dynamic turnkey platform for business with an intent to tap into one of the most exciting, and considerably growing, online booking and loyalty segment. With user engagement being at the heart of our Platform we have not lost sight into providing a powerful admin panel solution which will blow you mind away with the amount of functionality. If you have ever thought of something that you would just love in an off the shelf Platform, then look no further. We have covered it all.


User Interface

Our powerful admin panel is the command centre of our platform. CRM, Business Intelligence, Campaign Management, User Access Control, System Management, Logs, Mid office system are just a few of the amazing easy to use functionalities we offer.


Admin Panel

Our powerful admin panel is the command centre of our platform. CRM, Business Intelligence, Campaign Management, User Access Control, System Management, Logs, Mid office system are just a few of the amazing easy to use functionalities we offer.


System Architecture

With our Microsoft based system architecture, we deliver a seamless Platform conforming to the latest development techniques introducing efficiencies and code standardisation derived from years of technical know-how and experience.


Scheduled Airlines


Low Cost Carriers




Car Rental Locations

Seamless built-in

The Gad platform comes with built in integrations with a range of content suppliers and payment gateways. Our techies are at hand to custom integrate any third-party suppliers that you may require simply and efficiently.



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